AAA Annual Holiday Party Jan 10th, 2018

What do you get when you take roughly 75 AAA members and place them in a room with beer and food? Simply a great holiday party! On Jan 10th, our club held its annual holiday party at our new favorite location: Bierocracy in Long Island City.

Our party planner extraordinaire Susan Andreoli, scoped out this awesome space and made sure there was plenty of delicious food on hand for our members. I always look forward to these parties because they offer the opportunity to reconnect with members and fellow amateur astronomers like me, who pretty much go into observer’s hibernation during the winter months.

credit: stan honda
Irene calls out questions

New board member Sam Hahn came up with a great idea for some far out cosmic entertainment: Astronomy Jeopardy! Members grouped themselves into 5 teams, and came up with some cool names team names like “Dark Matter.” Our emcee Irene Pease stood on a chair and called out astro-themed questions. Everyone had a blast. I’m sure Astronomy Jeopardy will be back by popular demand at out next social gathering.

Whether you are a long time member or new to the club, I hope you will come out to AAA events to meet and chat with like- minded folks who love astronomy. See you then!