AAA President Message – April

credit: Peter Tagatac
Skyline from Central Park

Dear Members,

As our club continues in its traditions and mission—approaching 91 years—we see ourselves adapting to a changing environment. It is a natural process.

Today, change is before us. You may be holding the printed edition of Eyepiece, our newsletter with beginnings in 1953, or reading as PDF on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This is last edition of a page layout production design for print and PDF.

It’s a long tradition and many cherish the print edition. Not wanting it to stop. Its regularity each month is comfort in some sense, a concrete feeling of connectedness.

One doesn’t need to abandon these sentiments; the Eyepiece continues with the same cadence and focus on membership interests and activities. Our editor curates the content for each edition.

To accompany this issue, Eyepiece is available online with any web browser. All future editions of Eyepiece will be browser-based only. The web address is

Please visit the April 2018 Eyepiece in which we see a change in how news about the club and our interests are communicated in a more colorful, media rich, and dynamic manner. Member articles can display galleries of photos, video, and audio projects along with their stories, essays, reviews, and reports. Your ideas and requests will shape the way we inform our readers.

We haven’t abandoned the idea of how to make Eyepiece articles or the entire magazine available in for PDF. We are evaluating different options. In the short term, from the web browser, one could use its print function.

Please be aware that if a PDF version is produced, it will lack the page layout production quality of the previous format. That effort takes substantial time and effort and it involves extra content editing to fit space on the printed page. The browser-based edition removes these constraints and eases the production burden of volunteer staff.

Please let us know your thoughts by reaching out to me at [email protected] or the Editor-in-Chief at [email protected].

Best wishes!
Peter Tagatac
AAA | President