About Those UFOs and Other Nonsense

AAA Member Jason Kendall was recently interviewed by New York Magazine for an upcoming issue all about space.  NYMag stated that the dominant content will not be about NASA missions or the latest science, but will rather foray into the weirdness of UFO’s and other nonsense.  Jason, however, let us know that he took it in stride, gave a good overview of the basics of exoplanets, and recorded an hour with them about the basics of what’s needed for interstellar travel, and why UFO’s being here on Earth is a basic absurdity.  In short, he’ll likely be the few voices of reason in the magazine.  Jason says that it’s all in good fun, because most people look to the stars to get a handle on their lives and search for things bigger and greater than themselves.  In fact, the Kepler Space Telescope is an attempt to determine whether or not life can possibly exist in the cosmos on planets other than Earth.  If we are to determine the veracity of a universe teeming with life, then we need to do it right: with the credibility and skepticism of science, which demands that extraordinary evidence be provided to justify a civilization-changing discovery.

Editor’s note: New York Magazine made an editorial decision not to include the video with its article.