AAA President Message – May

Dear Members,

In the annual cycle for AAA, we’ve come to the end of our year. We actually have two new years: the fiscal year begins on 01 May and our administrative year starts on 01 June.

The Board of Directors has been working on the annual budget for 2018 – 2019. This includes many of the familiar programs like lectures, classes, large and small public outreach events, operational and administrative costs. We are looking into some new program development aimed at working with students and schools, in addition to enabling our members to participate in astrophotography and stargazing.

The AAA Annual Meeting (Members only), will be held at Maxwell’s on Reade St. nearby City Hall. I do hope you attend so you can meet up with others, learn about AAA operations and our fiscal health from committee chairpersons, cast your vote for nominees to the Board, and enjoy a presentation from Dr. Daniel Savin from Columbia University.

This past month, Events Planner Susan Andreoli organized another AAA event, dubbed the Spring Social, at Bierocracy. A great selection of food and spirits and conversation kept some of us to closing. I never tire of these get togethers. It was great to see us in these settings where special interests cross pollinate and friendships grow.

A “shout out” to everyone who volunteered to support AAA’s presence at Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF). Thanks to Rori BaldariIrene Pease, and Stan Honda for organizing our participation and transporting the booth materials.  Thank you to all the AAA Members whose participation made this year a success. A shout out to Joe DiNapoli as he continued the tradition from Staten Islanders of serving tummy pleasing Italian deli to AAA’ers.

Lectures 2017–18 season completes this month with guest speaker, Dr. Charles Liu in the AMNH Linder Theater.

I am grateful to Lectures Chair David Kraft who served us a roster of very distinguished speakers this year. Despite some weather challenges and theater relocations, each presentation was of great interest and had a lot of Speaker-Audience interaction. When the weather was agreeable, turnout was standing room only.

Keep an eye out for AstroAnswers to fill the gap over the summer. In July, a presentation about the Appley Bridgre Meteorite. Planners are considering another AstroAnswers covering  ESA’s Gaia mission.

With the pleasant weather and the abundance of our public outreach stargazing events, I hope you can visit one or two of them. The outdoors, the camaraderie, and the reward of giving awaits all those who attend.

Enjoy Eyepiece May 2018 and I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes!
Peter Tagatac
AAA | President