MILKY WAY (original)

Beautiful and glowing,
Light that’s foregoing,
Stars deep in the depths of the dark, dour, unknowing.
White freckles a-showing,
Milky arms that are flowing,
Bring light between shadows in a universe that’s growing.
Solar winds see them blowing,
Shooting stars heavens throwing,
Along for the ride, heavens are towing.
Oh Milky Way arms full of light,
Stars filling the black on the darkest of nights.
A smooth touching glow a perfect warm white,
Like milk poured in coffee, a creamy delight.
Skies glitter and sparkle, the darkness ignites,
Stars thrown on black canvass, such a beautiful sight.
Arms stretched long with a delicate arc,
Your fingers reaching afar into the dark.
A dim glowing band arched across the night sky,
Clusters of stars filling our eyes.
Keplerian dynamic, the law you don’t follow,
Galactic center dark matter, all light you will swallow.
Dear Milky Way and all the heavens above,
It is here we call home in the galaxy we love.

By: ~ Josh B. Berman