AAA President Message – November

Photo by Nathan Queloz on Unsplash.


Welcome Members,

A lovely change we experience as mid-Atlantic inhabitants. During fall, the colors yellow, orange, red, purple, brown and green paint the trees before they shed their leaves for winter. The circle of life.

AAA activities transition from outdoors to indoors. Many observing locations have completed their season and the Lectures at AMNH becomes our principal outreach program from mid-Fall through Spring for Members and the general public with the variety of topics presented by distinguished professionals. 

Within our community, past president (2006 – 2012) Richard Rosenberg passed away on 29 October. Learning the news several members responded to Richard’s family and to me with kind thoughts and prayers. There was a similarity among many that I read which spoke to Rich’s character. Gregory Todd’s letter was a fine example when he described Rich, “A scholar, a gentleman, smart, wise, kind – just the kind of person to show the good character of an organization like the AAA.” Rich gave to many and I hope he is at peace. The circle of life.

The Late Fall Class – Measuring Distances in Space remains open for enrollment for AAA members. Classes run through out November, ending in early December. Have questions, ask [email protected] or enroll now through the class website.


Getting to know people

The AAA welcomes all new members, the life blood of the club’s purpose and significance. Sometimes, new members have a difficult time with meeting others. Trust that we all share a common interest and let that smooth the road to make new acquaintances and friends. Talk a little shop, ask someone what interests them to astronomy, new gear that is useful, or ask why they joined the club. 

The Fall Social at Bierocracy is an ideal opportunity to meet others. The event planners devised games that encourage interaction and a chance to win prizes. A chance to chill and enjoy the company. Don’t miss the Astrophotographers recent video compilation of their work created in the past year. Truly inspiring. 


Letting others know you

Next month the Eyepiece editor wants to feature a new column, Focus on New Members, offering newbies to introduce themselves. If you want to be listed (e.g. Peter T.) with a brief introduction, respond to the note received from the Eyepiece Editor after the new member join process. 

Are you a current member who wants to let others know who you are, “Why I joined?” or “What are my interests?” Just send a paragraph or two to [email protected]. It will be posted in the next issue. 


Diwali Festival

Lastly, consider attending the Diwali Festival, the Hindu Festival of Lights,  on 10 November. This is another delightful event where the AAA expands its outreach with cultural events. Do you have ideas where the AAA could be relevant? Let us know and we may able to organize event which recognizes customs that enriches our community.