AAA President Message – May

Lost in stars. Photo by Sebastián León Prado; sourced from Unsplash
Hello AAA’ers
I hope you’ve welcomed the warmer temperatures that we have had this late spring. With warmer weather many of our outdoor activities are in full swing—provided the weather agrees. I encourage you to review the Events on the Horizon calendar page in our newsletter or visit the AAA Calendar.
The most significant event this month is the AAA 2019 Annual Meeting.
AAA 2019 Annual Meeting
15 May 2019 from 6:30 to 9:30
The Tailor Public House
505 8th Ave.
Manhattan, New York
The Annual Meeting on 15 May, beginning 6:30, is a members only event where the Board and several event chairpersons and coordinators report on the health and operations of the AAA to the Membership. In accordance with our by-laws, Members vote for nominees to fill six seats on the Board of Directors that expire on 31 May 2019. We will spend time recognizing members from which our club has benefited by their various contributions. It is important to you and our association that we have quorum to conduct this official business in compliance with our by laws and state law. We first meet at 6:30PM to socialize with food and a cash bar and then get business underway around 7PM. In our next email meeting announcement, we will include an an agenda and timeline of the meeting.
AAA Spring Starfest at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is another event that one should keep in mind. It falls on a Saturday next month, 8 June 2019, from 7:30 to 11:00PM. This year, the AAA, in partnership with the Woodlawn Cemetery, have stepped up this event with more activities and attractions than past years. It is an easy trip to the location by subway or car, so make a point to come out and see the stars through several member telescopes, stroll through some interesting mausoleums, and gain a chance to win some prizes.
I relish meeting with my fellow members to share our stories about the stars, science, equipment, shop talk like tips and tricks, current events. It’s the Annual Meeting, Starfest or any of our public stargazing events, the trips to North South Lake, AAA Meetups, the Lectures or at our classes when we get together in person. I like to hear what’s been going on with you and letting you know more about myself. With a full calendar this month and ongoing, I hope to meet with you soon.
Best regards,