Winter Solstice, Hosted by the Hayden Planetarium

The Winter Solstice event, hosted by the Hayden Planetarium on Friday evening, December 20, 2019, with the participation of AAA, was a massive success. The packed auditorium was filled with gasps of wonder as Ted Williams, assisted by Irene Pease, showed the marvels and mechanics of the seasons while also highlighting some beloved constellations. Afterward, we were treated to hot chocolate and a clear view of the Pleiades, Hyades, and Capella, on the Green Terrace with the telescopes and handhelds of at least 13 AAA members. Everyone left lighter and filled with joy; I know I did.

Attending Members:

  • Irene Pease
  • Faissal Halim
  • Rori Baldari
  • Tom Haeberle
  • Mary Alford
  • Kimberly Ortega
  • George Hripcsak
  • David Shepherd
  • William Lam
  • Victor Nicolescu
  • Elena Ustimovich
  • Pietro Sabatino
  • Thomas Haeberle

(If any members were left off please email [email protected])