AAA President Message – June 2020

Greetings Fellow Astronomers!

As the newly elected President of the Amateur Astronomy Association of New York, it is my privilege and honor to welcome all of you to the June edition of Eyepiece.

The world is somewhat tumultuous right now. As I type this, I hear helicopter blades whirring overhead, police sirens down below, and marchers chanting. And a virus has disrupted the world and certainly halted public observing of the universe.

But this very weekend while so much of the world seemed sideways, millions of people gathered around to share in the United States returning to being able to launch astronauts from American soil. And in a privately built spacecraft at that.

Science will always endure and will always unite through its undeniability. It is for this reason that I am so thrilled to be a part of AAA. It is when times seem most bleak that science shows its reliability.

And just as science is there for all of humanity, AAA is there for the people of New York. Our classes continue, lectures are held online, and we are gearing up to return to streets and parks with our telescopes in tow. Please continue to check our website ( for updates on everything that we have to offer, particularly as restrictions are lifted and the city opens up.

I thank all of you for your continuing support of science by being a part of AAA and hope that each of you is excited to be a part of this magnificent, almost century old Association.

Let’s Boldly Go.




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