Astrophotography Group Zoom Meetups

I joined AAA this past April. I recently moved to Jersey City and wanted to connect with other local astronomers, get back into Astronomy, and finally learn more about Astrophotography. My hope was to attend evening and weekend online classes and presentations.

And I really lucked out – the Astrophotography group has Zoom meetups most Sundays at 4pm. I could not have asked for a more friendly and knowledgeable group! In just a few months, I’ve become a member of the AAA community despite the isolation from COVID-19 – and my knowledge of astrophotography has grown exponentially! (So has my shopping list…)

The meetups are a great resource to any new or current member interested in Astrophotography. Our group has a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced, as well as many interests. From night time landscapes to deep sky, planetary, and solar imaging. Something for everyone.

These are some of the topics covered since I joined:

  • Deep Sky Imaging
  • Solar Imaging
  • Clouds (not exactly Astrophotography, but very interesting anyway)
  • Astro Pixel Processor tutorials
  • PixInsight
  • Stellarium overview
  • Photo planning with The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE)
  • Stacking star trails and meteor shower composites with Photoshop
  • Astrophotography (and observing) planning the Sky Safari Pro iPhone app

Many thanks to Stan Honda, and everyone involved in organizing the meetups and lining up guest speakers.

In addition, the Google Astrophotography group is a very useful related resource. Stan always posts the meeting announcements and recordings of past presentations here. And it’s great for follow up discussions, asking questions – and of course posting images!

Hope to see more members join our meetups.


Gabriela – Senior Software Engineer by day, beginner astrophotographer by night. You can see my photos on Flickr: