Message from AAA’s President – March 2021

March is here and somehow time ticks away. But as always, time itself is not as important as what one does with their time.

I recently read an interesting article, as well as listened to a podcast (more on podcasts in a bit) regarding time, and that it is really modern day humans, with our schedules and multi-tasking, who think of time in a truly linear fashion. Otherwise, time is a mostly abstract construct that requires today’s tools of watches and satellites to be adjusted for gravimetric forces, celestial evolution, and such.

And then of course there are movies such as Tenet and Interstellar, which challenge the very notion of time, not to mention Star Trek, in which time travel would always give Captain Janeway a headache. Or even in an episode of MASH, when Frank Burns responds to Radar’s explanation of why the United States has different time zones than Korea, with complete befuddlement.

The study of time involves astronomy, heavy-duty science, and the very fabric of the existence of our species and the universe itself, and AAA is making sure that we play our role in the usage of time. We are doing this by making sure that all members, as well as anyone with an interest in community, science, and the betterment of mankind, has access to a wealth of astronomical information.

Time will surely not be wasted by spending it learning about our universe!

And to further those goals, AAA is proud to announce the launch of our podcast— AAASky (! It provides yet another platform for us to bring a wealth of information, plus fantastic interviews, to everyone.

We are also getting ready to launch our telescope loaner program, in conjunction with the NY Public Library!

A new website will soon be unveiled!

And we have a new logo!

Plus we have our classes, astrophotography meetups, observing (as allowed due to Covid), and school outreach! Talk about time well spent!!

Come and join us…. and spend your time wisely!