Message From AAA’s President

Hello everyone and welcome to the March Edition of Eyepiece.

The last few years have certainly been demanding for our species, and while the obstacles may change, the challenges continue. 

It is difficult sometimes as the president of a nonprofit organization, which is focused on science and the ability of humans to comprehend the universe in which they live, to reconcile that with people who will not take a vaccine based on sophomoric and obvious erroneous information. 

Similarly, it is arduous to focus on the lives transformed and often saved through science with that of lives indiscriminately ended by the incessant thirst for power from a ‘leader’ such as Vladimir Putin.

While dichotomies such as these make us reflect on how we use our time and identify our purpose in the relatively short lifespans each of us are afforded, to be part of a community of open-minded individuals who use their spare time in unpaid positions (in an increasingly capitalistic world), to let others know of and share in the universe in which we all live, is more than gratifying. It is simply ‘everything’. It unites humans to one another, to our home planet of Earth, and to the universe in which we are but a speck.

I do not intend this message to be dour, but rather a wakeup call. Every one of us has the ability to affect change. It is simply a matter of having the fortitude to do it. And AAA is certainly one such avenue to make that happen.

While Bart and I debate the future of space travel in our exciting new podcast, the Observing Committee prepares for a new observing season. Our Lecture Series continues along with our Classes; standing ready to challenge and educate. The Astrophotography Group melds science and art, and Eyepiece provides vital information while providing a platform to all who are interested in having their work published; these are the changes that AAA offers. 

But mostly, we offer the opportunity to change complacency to action. And there is no force greater than that of taking action to begin with.

Come and join us and be part of that change!

Brian Berg, President