Message from AAA’s President

Happy July!

Somehow we are halfway through the year, the world continues to be precarious, and science and facts are perhaps more important than ever.
Here are two wonderful examples of the embrace and impact of science… How many of you have ever heard of Margherita Hack?
She was one of the preeminent science communicators of the 20th century, and Italy just erected a statue in her honor. And what makes that even more special is that it is the first ever statue in Italy of a female scientist.
Next is the James Webb Space Telescope. The first images will be rolling in and scientists have already stated they were moved to tears by what they have seen. The rest of us mere mortals (and I say that with no sarcasm, because those in the scientific community are truly the heroes of this world) will start seeing these images in about two weeks time. And I for one am waiting with baited breath. 
As one of my personal heroes, Alan Alda, has stressed throughout his personal and professional life… Always ask questions, and always communicate in a manner that is most effective. At 86 years old, Alan leads a podcast about communications, and his School of Communicating Science trains doctors and scientists to be more effective communicators. 
The more people in the world like Alan, and the more organizations offering science outreach, such as AAA and all of the amateur astronomy organizations around the world, the more that people can see the power of an open and inquisitive mind.
Most of you reading this column and publication are familiar with what AAA does… Science communications. Including observing, classes, lectures, astrophotography, podcasts, telescope lending, providing NY with its first public telescope, and so much more. 
You have likely heard and read my words previously stressing the importance of science and facts, and why I believe AAA’s purpose is so important in the face of extremism and conspiracies. 
So, please come and attend our offerings. Join if you are not already a member. Volunteer and help to spread our mission. And most importantly, join a community of people interested in learning about the world around them, whether that is AAA, or any other science based organization. 
Have a happy July 4th.
Brian Berg, President