Member Highlight: Parker Bossier

This month, we would like to highlight the AAA Tech Committee chairperson, AAA Sky podcast technical producer, and astrophotographer, Parker Bossier!​

Name: Parker Bossier

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

How did you get involved in AAA? After I moved here from SF, I was seeking out advice on how and where to image in NYC. I met some AAA members during the Mercury transit in 2019, and then I was hooked.

When did you become interested in astronomy? Conceptually, for forever. I’ve been regularly observing and imaging since 2017 when my wife got me a Celestron 5SE for my birthday.

When was the first time you looked through a telescope and what did you observe? I was at a public star party on Mount Tam in the SF Bay Area sometime in the early 2010s when I saw Saturn through a telescope for the first time. Now I love giving other people these moments in NYC.

What is your favorite observable object from NYC? Your favorite observable object outside of NYC? From NYC, I love the dozens of expansive emission nebulae, like the California Nebula. You definitely can’t see these with the naked eye, but I love them because today’s astrophotography tech can capture stunning images from deep within the light pollution dome. From outside the city, I’ll slew to whatever I haven’t imaged before and can’t image with light pollution: usually dark nebulae.

Do you have any equipment, and if so, what kind? I have a portable backpack-based setup that I can take anywhere. I’m able to fit either my refractor for widefield imaging, or my SCT for tiny things like planets.

If you could have any equipment in the world, what would it be? I’d have a remote observatory somewhere dark. Ah, such a pipe dream that would be.

What astronomical experience/event sticks out in your head the most? No question, seeing The Great America Eclipse of 2017 from the path of totality was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Are there any astronomy-related pieces of media that you’d like to recommend? AAA Sky, Spacepod, Where Is Webb, SciShow Space, PBS Space Time

Any other hobbies you’d like to share? Cycle by day, image by night!