Message from AAA’s President

Happy August to all.

I hope that everyone has been as blown away from the initial Webb images as I have been. It truly is a fascinating time to be alive and part of this species that does so much which is questionable, and then seems to redeem itself with advancements that allow us to look back to the dawn of the universe. 

And speaking of the Webb, AAA will be hosting a free lecture on the James Webb Space Telescope this month. Our Classes are currently running and the AAA Lecture Series will kick off in the fall. Our Observing calendar is full of dates, leading up to our return to Central Park for Autumn Starfest. We have a new Chairperson leading our Board to new heights, and an Executive Committee working hard to bring you the best in astronomy in New York City through their efforts.

With all of that said, as AAA is an all-volunteer, almost 100-year-old organization. We are always looking for folks to lend a hand and contribute fresh ideas. If you would like to be a part of it all, and help spread the word of science, please complete this Volunteer Survey and we will gladly find a spot for you that will be fulfilling and exciting.

And of course, if you are not a member, please consider joining AAA.

Enjoy the final full month of summer and I hope to see you all at some of our many events.

Brian Berg, President