Member Highlight: David Shepherd

This month, we highlight the site chair for one of our oldest observing locations, Carl Schurz Park, David Shepherd!

Name: David Shepherd

Hometown: New York, NY

How did you get involved in AAA? Lifelong love of astronomy. Met observers in Central Park in 2012, joined AAA right after that.

When did you become interested in astronomy? I was given a telescope by my parents at age 10, so before that.

When was the first time you looked through a telescope and what did you observe? Age 10. Looked at the moon, Jupiter and Saturn, using my TASCO 60mm refractor.

What is your favorite observable object from NYC? Your favorite observable object outside of NYC? From NYC, Jupiter. In dark skies, Globular Clusters and Planetary Nebulae.

Do you have any equipment, and if so, what kind? 11″ SCT, 4″ APO Refractor, 60mm Takahashi refractor, 60mm Lunt Solar refractor, 2 CMOS ZWO cameras, Nikon D700 with 3 lenses, 10′ AstroGazer portable dome, Televue Eyepieces.

If you could have any equipment in the world, what would it be? The 60″ telescope at Mt. Wilson.

What astronomical experience/event sticks out in your head the most? Full night of viewing through the 60″ telescope on Mt. Wilson, especially the Orion Nebula (M42) and viewing Sirius AND the pup.

Are there any astronomy-related pieces of media that you’d like to recommend? Sky and Telescope’s Pocket Sky Atlas!

Any other hobbies you’d like to share? International Travel.