Message from the AAA President

Happy November!

This message will be short and to the point:

AAA is closing out the year with a Bang. And that’s Bang with a most definite capital B!

Not only is our rescheduled Autumn Starfest happening on Saturday, November 12th, but on Saturday, December 3, 2022, AAA is teaming up with Science Friday to host a fundraising star party, with a live reading from Dr. Moiya McTier’s newly published book The Milky Way. Join us at the site of the future New York City Public Observatory – the first free, public observatory within the five boroughs, constructed by the Amateur Astronomers Association, for the people of New York!

Talk about a way to wind down the year.

There is though one little catch, which is that our all-volunteer organization… Needs volunteers! As many of you throw your hat into the ring, we would gladly accept your offer. So please reach out to Kat, and she will help you be a part of these fantastic events.

Our second installment of the 2022-2023 Lecture Series is on November 8th. Be sure to register here and get ready for a dynamite lecture (right after you vote, of course).

Our Classes are in full swing.

Our Astrophotography group meets regularly.

And please consider donating to our organization. No amount is too large or small; AAA always stretches every dollar as far as it can go, as you can see above. Also, your donation is fully tax-deductible!

Finally, if you are not a member, consider joining this fantastic Association that spreads the love and knowledge of science.

Brian Berg, President

Bonus ‘Turkey’ Nebula content! – K. Troche, Eyepiece EIC