Message from the AAA President

Welcome to the end of another year.

I cannot fathom that yet one more year has almost gone by, but apparently my calendar says that is the case. And, as usual, AAA is keeping a full calendar…

I hope to see you all on December 3rd, at the site of NYC’s future public observatory.

Stay tuned for the new season of AAA Sky, AAA’s podcast.

Take advantage of the wonderful classes we offer.

Learn astrophotography with our dedicated group.

Become a published author by reaching out to Kat and writing for Eyepiece.

Volunteer. Open your mind. Look up in wonderment.

These are all good ways to lead your life. And it is what defines AAA.

And have a wonderful New Year and I hope to see all of you in 2023 at AAA events.

Finally, rather than attempt to sum up the words to express what another year as president of AAA means, I will share with all of you a solemn article that articulates it better than I ever could. Jay Pasachoff passed away recently. Some of you may even have known him. His obituary in the New York Times makes clear the importance that science had to Jay, as it does to so many of us.

As I have spoken about many times in this column, it is that sense of community that makes the Amateur Astronomers Association so special. The ability to have a platform to share our collective wonder of the universe with one another is why so many of us are so passionate about this organization. Jay obviously shared that passion, too. You can read about him here.

Brian Berg, President