U.S. Solar Eclipses for 2023 and 2024

You’ll want to be aware of these eclipses and make arrangements to see them fully or partially.

Annular Solar Eclipse: Oct. 14, 2023

An “annular” eclipse viewable in full only in western U.S. The moon being slightly further distant from the Earth will not fully cover the disk of the sun. Along the center line it will be seen as a ring of light (“annulus’) around the dark moon. In NYC it will be very, very partial. Learn more at NASA’s 2023 Annular Eclipse Overview

Total Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

A total eclipse viewable in full in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, from the Buffalo region of New York, from northern Vermont and Maine. In NYC it will be easy to view but will be partial not total.

Precise details are available on many websites that you should search for. For a total overview, visit NASA’s 2024 Total Eclipse page. At minimum, obtain inexpensive eclipse glasses – before the rush  – online or in stores. Visit the American Astronomical Society’s solar eclipse glasses guidelines page for information on how to best purchase certified ISO 12312-2 solar viewers.

AAA is planning single or several classes on each of these many months in advance of the events. These classes will preview details of each eclipse, suggestions for viewing, and procedures for photographing them.

Visit Great American Eclipse for more mapping information.

A composite of 24 frames showing the partial and total phases of the eclipse from El Molle. Photo by Stan Honda