Message from AAA’s President

Happy March to one and all!


This is always an exciting time for amateur astronomy groups around the world (in the Northern hemisphere, that is), as Spring is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing… Observing!


Soon, our calendar will be chock full of observing times and locations around the five boroughs of NYC. We hope that everyone who reads this participates as both an observer and as a volunteer, since both are always needed.


As far as volunteering, this is a really great opportunity to become more involved in the community, giving back, and learning. Who could ask for anything more? For those interested, please reach out to Kat, and she will gladly work with you to find volunteering opportunities.


While you are all in a volunteering mood, you may also reach out to Kat regarding Eyepiece. Kat is stepping down as Editor-In-Chief, and AAA is looking for additional people to fill supporting roles in getting Eyepiece published each month. The time commitment is a few hours a month, and in return you gain the knowledge of editing, publishing, and becoming part of a larger community.


I hope that everyone considers volunteering in some form as there truly is no feeling as helping and being part of something.


Aside from the above, our classes continue, our monthly lecture series continues, astrophotography meetings continue, and our podcast series continues.


And NYC’s first public observatory is racing to completion in the Bronx, spearheaded by our Executive Vice President Bart Fried. Donations are still welcome to bring the observatory to completion.


Have a good third month of the year and keep looking skyward.



Brian Berg, President