Photographs of the Orion Constellation

Figure 1 depicts the Constellation Orion that I captured on 3/19/23 between 8:39pm NY, with an IPhone 12 mini, Wide Camera – 26 mm f.1.6. (the greater the focal length number, the wider the aperture opening, which allows more light into the camera), in JHS 45 Park on Bathgate Ave and E 189th St., Bronx, NY.  I was looking south.  After I took the photo and looked at it, I realized how the park lights interfered with what I thought was a dark background while viewing and photographing the constellation.  I truly understood the term “light pollution” as I studied the photo.  The light in the background came from the park lights, making the time of the photo appear to be dawn or dusk, while the park itself was dark.

Figure 2 is the edited version of the original photo taken by the author on 3/19/23 at E. 189th St. & Bathgate Ave., Bronx, NY looking south.  To achieve the dark sky look, the author removed the brightness by reducing exposure to negative 36%, decreased brilliance to negative 99%, kept shadows and contrast at 0%, brilliance at negative 80%, and left black point, saturation, vibration, tint, sharpness, definition noise reduction and vignette at 0%.

Figure 1. Constellation Orion, 3/19/23 approx. 8:30pm in Bronx JHS 45 Park on Bathgate Ave., and E. 189th St looking South. By Alice Charles
Figure 2. Orion Constellation 3/19/23 edited to remove background light. By Alice Charles