Message from the President

Chasing the Spectacular April 8th Eclipse

The April 8th eclipse was nothing short of spectacular, drawing enthusiasts from our club to various locations far and wide. In NYC, we achieved remarkable success with our outreach events during the 90% partial eclipse, garnering extensive local media coverage. Simultaneously, the path of totality witnessed our members spread across a dramatic swath from Mazatlan, Mexico, to Quebec, including stops in Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, New York State, Vermont, and Maine.

We’re excited to soon feature our members’ thrilling eclipse stories on our website,—stay tuned!

One of the highlights has been the incredible activity within our astrophotography group, led by APOD-winning photographer Stan Honda. This vibrant group shared hundreds of eclipse images. I’m particularly eager to showcase a stunning composite of totality captured by our talented member, Alex Weinstein, in Indiana. Faced with last-minute weather changes, Alex swiftly revised his plans from Texas to Indiana, capturing the entire breathtaking sequence of totality.

Personally, I experienced the eclipse in Stowe, Vermont, alongside my wife. The skies were clear until the eclipse commenced at 2 PM, with high clouds rolling in during totality at 3:25 PM. Despite these conditions, the eclipse was a marvelous spectacle. This being my second total eclipse—the first in 2017 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming—highlighted the dramatic view of solar prominences, which appeared with stunning contrast, visible to the naked eye and captured in Alex’s photograph.

Eclipses are truly addictive! I’m already planning for the next adventure—the August 2026 eclipse in Spain. I hope to see many of you there as we chase another incredible celestial event!