Author: Brian Berg

AAA President Message – June 2020

Greetings Fellow Astronomers! As the newly elected President of the Amateur Astronomy Association of New York, it is my privilege and honor to welcome all

No Country For Brave Explorers

I was reading a news article the other day and unfortunately it was concerning yet more trouble in the Middle East. Israel did this. The

Space Law

A friend of mine recently asked me if he should be concerned about China’s current attempt to grow biological life, in the form of plant seeds, on the Moon. Here’s my response.

What is astronomy?

What is astronomy? I think deeply about this question as I write my second column for Eyepiece, now as a board-member of the Amateur Astronomers

Why I Joined the AAA

Having recently turned 44 and having enough life experience to look back upon and wonder in what way I will leave my mark upon this