Author: Matthias Schmitt

Member Highlight: Matthias Schmitt

This week, we would like to highlight AAA member and Cedar Breaks astronomer, Matthias Schmitt! Name: Matthias Schmitt Hometown: Singen, Germany. But NYC has my

To the End of the World and Back

For a full photo gallery of Matthias Schmitt’s trip, click here. The Setup This Eclipse Cruise was the maiden voyage of the Ocean Victory. There

The James Webb Space Telescope – Delayed Again

Oh no, not again. The JWST project already infected with the government virus “Stratospheric-Cost-Overruns” has been delayed yet again — this time by the unforeseen

A Ring of Fire Over Oman

Don’t listen to anything I say. I must enter the center of fire. Fire is my child, but I must be consumed and become fire.

Mount Wilson Trip – An Explore Scientific Event

“Like buried treasures, the outposts of the universe have beckoned to the adventurous from immemorial times.” – George Ellery Hale, Founder Mt. Wilson Observatory In