Author: Stan Honda

The Messenger Crosses the Sun

On Monday, Nov 11th, Mercury made its fourth transit across the sun this century. AAA members across New York City and beyond experienced this rare

Diwali Festival on the High Line

Samosas with traditional sweets called jalebi and kaju katli, surrounded by candles, Indian music, and telescopes must mean it’s the annual AAA Diwali Festival. We

Congressional Solar Viewing

Probably the only member of Congress with an asteroid named after her got some solar viewing in through AAA telescopes recently. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of

4th Annual Tanabata Festival

A band featuring the Japanese Consul General, the sun setting over the Hudson, a beautifully clear sky, views of the moon, Jupiter, Vega and Altair,

In the Shadow of the Moon, Chile 2019

The temperature dropped, the sky dimmed, then darkened, wavy shadows moved across the ground, and shouts rang out! This could only describe one thing –