Category: Around Town

4th Annual Tanabata Festival

A band featuring the Japanese Consul General, the sun setting over the Hudson, a beautifully clear sky, views of the moon, Jupiter, Vega and Altair,

Spring Starfest 2019

Once again the AAA held its annual Spring StarFest in the Bronx…but with a new twist!

An Out of this World Evening in New York

Peter Tagatac and Board member Stanley Fertig attended a SETI Institute event hosted by the New York Explorers Club. See what they found here!

AAA Holiday Party Jan 10, 2019

The AAA held another one of its great holiday parties at a new location on Murray Street called Manhattan Proper. Over 80 people came out that evening to mingle with their fellow club members for a little post-holiday astro-cheer! See photos here!