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Venus Elongation

My family and I decided to escape the madness of the Bronx that the coronavirus pandemic was creating. We retreated to our second home upstate

Transito de Mercurio en Video

Check out Roman Barroso’s entertaining video of the Transit of Mercury from the East River Park. You don’t need to know Spanish to see our

Transit in the Park

By Parker Bossier Here’s my flickr album from the transit: Also see the .gif I made of a skyscraper eclipsing the transit: I moved to

The Messenger Crosses the Sun

On Monday, Nov 11th, Mercury made its fourth transit across the sun this century. AAA members across New York City and beyond experienced this rare

A Solar Eclipse Above the Andes

I spent much of the bright and beautiful afternoon of July 2 on a desert ridge in northwestern Argentina, preparing to observe the total solar

AAA Eclipse Coverage

Several of our AAA members trekked to South America to experience the 2019 Solar Eclipse. These are their stories…