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A Ring of Fire Over Oman

Don’t listen to anything I say. I must enter the center of fire. Fire is my child, but I must be consumed and become fire.

AAA Eclipse Coverage

Several of our AAA members trekked to South America to experience the 2019 Solar Eclipse. These are their stories…

AAA Photographers Published in Astronomy Magazine

In a conjunction of artistic abilities, two AAA members of the Astrophotography group have images in the July 2019 issue of Astronomy Magazine. Gowrishankar L. and Chirag (The Doctor) Upreti grace pages 94 and 96.

Legal Justice and Politics in Space

What might laws and politics look like once we leave earth, how might rights to resources be handled? Here are some great ideas from one of our authors- Richard Brounstein!

Binocular Parallelogram Mount

See how the culmination of artistry, craftsmanship, and astronomy resulted in a functional hand made binocular parallelogram mount!