Category: Lectures

The Grand Tour with Dr. David Helfand

The event may have been listed as The Grand Tour, but a more accurate title would be The Grand Tour de Force.  On May 31, Dr. David Helfand performed an incredible feat:  to compress most of the basic concepts in astronomy into a single, coherent and highly entertaining lecture of 56 minutes. 

Light:  Our Window to the Universe with Rose Gibson

We’re all familiar with light! Rose Gibson, graduate student in astronomy at Columbia University, surveyed the electromagnetic spectrum, and how we detect and make use of each part of it to learn about the cosmos. Find out more here!

The 100 Earths Project

The 100 Earths Project is, simply put, a search for 100 Earth-like planets in the Sun’s neighborhood.  Despite its straightforward description, this quest is not an easy one, and presents some serious engineering problems to today’s technology. Find out more from this lecture!

Is Venus by Mars?

Find out why we are so obsessed with life on Mars when Venus may be a better choice for life, with Martha Gilmore.