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Ultraviolet Universe with Steven Mohammed

Ultraviolet light is known for its use in detecting counterfeit money, fluorescing rocks and bug zappers, as well as causing sunburn. But UV light can also give us a different view of the universe via space telescopes designed to function in that part of the spectrum. At Columbia University’s Pupin Hall on November 2nd, Steven Mohammed summarized the history and science of ultraviolet astronomy.

A Rising Star Reveals Pluto

What exactly is a rising star? Well, by whichever definition you choose, Briley Lewis certainly fits the bill. A senior at Columbia College, recipient of

Cool Stars, Hot Exoplanets with Dr. Emily Rice

Clad in a striking purple Jupiter-atmosphere-themed dress, on March 23rd at Columbia University’s Pupin Hall, Dr. Emily Rice gave an at once informative, far-reaching and