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Gemini Dream

Fifty years ago, on May 18, 1969, Apollo 10 was poised to be the final dress rehearsal for the Moon landing. Find out more about this and some tidbits about how to say Gemini….

 Apollo, Tested and Prepped for The Final Countdown!

Last month we discussed the meaning of the letter designated missions of the Apollo Program that had followed the Apollo 1 mission. Now we find out some interesting facts on some names you may not have known about.

In the Name of Apollo

The Lunar orbital flight of Apollo 8 was a smashing success! For the first time people began to understand their place in the universe. Command Module pilot of that mission, Jim Lovell said in regards to the moon’s loneliness: “[It] made you realize just what you have here back on Earth.”

Cosmic Mergers & Acquisitions with Dr. Jenny Greene

What are black holes? How do they evolve? How do we find them? And what happens to them when their host galaxies merge? These are the questions addressed by Dr. Jenny Greene on October 27 in her talk entitled Cosmic Mergers & Acquisitions.

First AAA Diwali: Festival of Lights

A chilly but enthusiastic group of AAA members setup and attended the very first AAA Diwali Festival Star gazing event on Saturday, Nov. 10 at Riverside Park South. Read more and see photos of the occasion!

Earthrise by NASA/Bill Anders

Apollo 8: Christmas at the Moon

As the cold winds of December gently blow, and the holiday season impinges upon us, we are reminded of one of the greatest adventures ever taken by the human race- Apollo 8 and Christmas at the Moon.