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Total Lunar Eclipse Visible from NYC

Around 10:30PM EST on 20 – 21 January 2019, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in its entirety from anywhere in NYC with a clear view of the sky from south-southeast to south-southwest. One doesn’t need any special equipment, filters, binoculars, or telescopes to observe the result of this synergy of three solar system objects: Sun, Earth, Moon. Read more!

International Dark-Sky Association Annual General Meeting

For an amateur astronomer and seeker of dark skies, the International Dark-Sky Association Annual General Meeting was an exercise in contrasts. On one hand light pollution is increasing rapidly and humanity is not too slowly loosing our view of the stars. On the other hand, legions of scientists, professional and amateur astronomers, community activists, park rangers, artists and others are working feverishly, with many success stories, to mitigate artificial lighting.

Hunters Point Park Stargazing

Friday July 20th was a fantastic session of public stargazing at Hunters Point Park in Long Island City. Thin clouds couldn’t stop the hundreds of

How the Herdsman Lost his Club

With spring ending and summer just around the corner, let us look at an often-forgotten little constellation and the curious tale of how the herdsman

Binary and Double Stars

An interesting visual and telescopic challenge for viewing this spring is binary stars.  Most stars in our galaxy come in pairs or even triples.  Our

First Serious Star-Hop

The trip to Fahnestock was a good excuse to repair my new 12.5″ f/5 Portaball telescope.  I had had a search going on eBay for