What’s Up in the December Sky

December’s Evening Planets Mars will be up until around 11 PM, moving between Aquarius the Water Bearer and Pisces the Fish. Saturn and will be

Diwali Connection with Astronomy

Truth be told, it is human to look up at the night skies and wonder if the movement, presence or absence of certain objects mean something to the terrestrials looking at them. Though the Indian civilization happens to be one of the earliest and oldest, it is interesting to see how the math and knowledge that was passed down orally had only very small errors considering the precision we have today.

Chuck Wilson: He definitely belonged amongst the stars

In the last few days we have found out that our dear friend and colleague Chuck Wilson has passed away. Chuck was an active member of the AAA Astrophotography group, saxophone player by profession and great lover of Indian food. Chuck signed up for the very first and subsequent night sky photography classes and often met up with our various photo expeditions in Central Park, Jenny Jump or North South Lake.

International Dark-Sky Association Annual General Meeting

For an amateur astronomer and seeker of dark skies, the International Dark-Sky Association Annual General Meeting was an exercise in contrasts. On one hand light pollution is increasing rapidly and humanity is not too slowly loosing our view of the stars. On the other hand, legions of scientists, professional and amateur astronomers, community activists, park rangers, artists and others are working feverishly, with many success stories, to mitigate artificial lighting.

Earthrise by NASA/Bill Anders

Apollo 8: Christmas at the Moon

As the cold winds of December gently blow, and the holiday season impinges upon us, we are reminded of one of the greatest adventures ever taken by the human race- Apollo 8 and Christmas at the Moon.

The Night the HighLine Panicked

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the latest bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News. It is reported that at 8:50 P. M. a huge, flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, twenty-two miles from Trenton.” News flashes, like this one were being broadcast over the speaker provided by HighLine’s Tim Morales. “Both the observations of science and the evidence of our eyes lead to the inescapable assumption that those strange beings who landed in the Jersey farmlands tonight,” the announcements continued, “are a vanguard of an invading army from Mars!”

Contribution of Women to the field of Astrophysics and Astronomy

For most of its 25 years in space, the Hubble Space Telescope has been astounding people all around the world with its beautiful images. Its scientific instruments have revolutionized our understanding of the universe and its history. But this is not an article about the Hubble Space Telescope; rather someone we have to thank for clearing the pathway for its success, and many other contributions she has made to NASA and understanding of astronomy.