Cool Stars, Hot Exoplanets with Dr. Emily Rice

Clad in a striking purple Jupiter-atmosphere-themed dress, on March 23rd at Columbia University’s Pupin Hall, Dr. Emily Rice gave an at once informative, far-reaching and

AAA President Message – May

Dear Members, In the annual cycle for AAA, we’ve come to the end of our year. We actually have two new years: the fiscal year begins

The Just Wait Space Telescope

It could have been so grand: ideated in 1996, supported by NASA’s “faster, better, cheaper” project management culture in the 90s, and riding on the

What’s Up in the May Sky

May’s Evening Planets: Spot the Summer Triangle of Vega in Lyra the Harp, Deneb in Cygnus the Swan, and Altair in Aquila the Eagle as

Binary and Double Stars

An interesting visual and telescopic challenge for viewing this spring is binary stars.  Most stars in our galaxy come in pairs or even triples.  Our

Stephen Hawking

I can tell you with certainty that Stephen Hawking has single handedly gotten more people from my schooling days interested in astronomy than any other

About Those UFOs and Other Nonsense

AAA Member Jason Kendall was recently interviewed by New York Magazine for an upcoming issue all about space.  NYMag stated that the dominant content will

Great Strides with Messier Marathons

As the skies above an abandoned airfield in Arizona slowly lightened from a midnight blue, the same skies that had just revealed the last few