What’s Up in the Sky – March 2022

AAA Observers’ March 2022 Guide March’s Evening Planets: Uranus is in Cetus the Sea monster until around 10 PM.  March’s Evening Stars: The Winter Triangle

Events on the Horizon – March 2022

If you see a “Members Only” event in the list below that you want to attend but can’t, become a member ASAP so you can take advantage

To the End of the World and Back

For a full photo gallery of Matthias Schmitt’s trip, click here. The Setup This Eclipse Cruise was the maiden voyage of the Ocean Victory. There

Shooting the Crab

Around midnight on Christmas Eve, I was texting with my brother and a friend in California when my phone started chiming.  I was thrilled to

Venus at Inferior Conjunction

You may review all Steven’s work via his Flickr and Astrobin accounts. Notes from the author: I must mention that viewing or imaging Venus during the day is dangerous.


What’s Up in the Sky – February 2022

AAA Observers’ February 2022 Guide February’s Evening Planets: Neptune is in Aquarius the Water Bearer, until 9 PM, setting earlier every night until 7 PM

Message From AAA’s President

Happy 2022 to all! What an unbelievable year 2021 was for astronomy, capped off with the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. A