The nature of dark matter remains one of the most important unresolved issues in astrophysics. This mysterious and unseen substance comprises almost 80% of matter

What’s Up in the March Sky

  By Tony Faddoul | March Evening Planets Venus will be up after sunset until 8 PM in the second half of March, close to the

Punching Past Light Pollution, Part 2

Last month I used the Great Orion Nebula, M42, to illustrate that it’s possible to access the brightest Deep Sky objects from the city by

AAA Astrophotography – Best of 2017

Best of 2017 is a collection of astrophotos, time-lapse, and animation captures from 20 contributors in the AAA Astrophotography Group led by Stan Honda.  Each

Europa—A World Worth Exploring

Europa is one of the most interesting objects in the solar system. It is a promising place to search for life elsewhere in the solar

Why I Joined the AAA

Having recently turned 44 and having enough life experience to look back upon and wonder in what way I will leave my mark upon this