AAA President Message – January

Dear Members, Welcome to the New Year. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with friends, family, and free time to reflect on the past year

State of Eyepiece

Eyepiece, the newsletter for and about our club, will discontinue its print and PDF versions and be replaced by a web-based publication. The current schedule

First Telescope

By Stan Honda | Earlier this year member Bhaswan Kurra posted a curious photo on the AAA Astrophotography Google Groups email list. Five young men

AAA President Message – December

Dear Members, Seasons Greetings. It’s the time of year-end festivities where many of us reflect and celebrate on the past year, readying to ring in

Clouds and Haze Can be Your Friends

Clouds are the bane of night sky photographers, who generally long for crystal clear skies. Yet sometimes a thin cloud layer can add interest to

High Line – 2017 Wrap-Up

Halloween was our final viewing session of 2017 on the High Line, and we had lots of treats: the Moon, Saturn, the Double-Double, the Double