Tag: April 2018

Stephen Hawking

I can tell you with certainty that Stephen Hawking has single handedly gotten more people from my schooling days interested in astronomy than any other

About Those UFOs and Other Nonsense

AAA Member Jason Kendall was recently interviewed by New York Magazine for an upcoming issue all about space.  NYMag stated that the dominant content will

Great Strides with Messier Marathons

As the skies above an abandoned airfield in Arizona slowly lightened from a midnight blue, the same skies that had just revealed the last few

Moon Phase Simulation

The phases of the Moon are the different ways the Moon looks from Earth over about a month. As the Moon orbits around the Earth,

AAA Events on the Horizon

April dates of upcoming AAA events 03/Tuesday High Line observing sessions begins 06/Friday AAA Lecture – Jay Pasachoff, AMNH, Linder Theater 06/Friday Carl Schulz Park

First Serious Star-Hop

The trip to Fahnestock was a good excuse to repair my new 12.5″ f/5 Portaball telescope.  I had had a search going on eBay for