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A Cosmic Ballet in Argentina

Trees cannot grow in the province of San Juan, Argentina, at least not without artificial irrigation supplying them with water via aqueducts. Even the province’s

Spring Starfest 2019

Once again the AAA held its annual Spring StarFest in the Bronx…but with a new twist!

One Giant Leap by Charles Fishman

One Giant Leap is a nuts-and-bolts, boots-on-the-ground look at how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) put a man on the moon.

Einstein’s Shadow with Seth Fletcher

What’s the world’s most famous photograph of 2019 to date?  If you’re reading this, you almost certainly chose the image of the black hole at the center of the galaxy M87, revealed to us on April 10.

The Grand Tour with Dr. David Helfand

The event may have been listed as The Grand Tour, but a more accurate title would be The Grand Tour de Force.  On May 31, Dr. David Helfand performed an incredible feat:  to compress most of the basic concepts in astronomy into a single, coherent and highly entertaining lecture of 56 minutes. 

Tariffs and Astronomy Equipment

At the June 6, 2019 AAA Astrophotography Meet Up meet up, Alfredo Viegas summarized the effect tariffs on Chinese goods will have on astronomy and photography equipment.