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Photo by Samir Patel

Dhumketu NEOWISE

That’s one of the words describing a comet in Sanskrit.  In Indian mythology dhumketu (comet) is associated with two demons, Rahu and Kethu.  Lord Vishnu

The James Webb Space Telescope – Delayed Again

Oh no, not again. The JWST project already infected with the government virus “Stratospheric-Cost-Overruns” has been delayed yet again — this time by the unforeseen

“Comet Con” From Southern Utah

Because of our recent interstellar visitor, C/2020 F3 NEOWISE, I decided to adventure west to darker skies in search of optimal viewing and photographic opportunities.

Comet over Ellenville

Hats off to Faissal Halim, who was the pathfinder for our July 20 AAA mission to image Comet NEOWISE from the Scenic Valley Overlook at

Apollo 11: Chasing Moon Shadows

Total solar eclipses happen often but usually in places far away and seemingly problematic to get to.  But of all those seen over millennia, only