Tag: February 2018

Europa—A World Worth Exploring

Europa is one of the most interesting objects in the solar system. It is a promising place to search for life elsewhere in the solar

Why I Joined the AAA

Having recently turned 44 and having enough life experience to look back upon and wonder in what way I will leave my mark upon this

Exploring our Origins

13.8 billion years ago, our universe went through a very brief and very intense moment of expansion emerging from a singularity – a point of

Bright Stars of the Winter Hexagon

Most people know about the famous stars of the Winter Triangle: Betelgeuse, Sirius and Procyon that form an asterism from three different constellations visible in

AAA President Message – February

Dear Members, I hope you were able to attend the Annual Holiday Party. A great time spent mingling with new members and catching up with

Solar Eclipse Scouting in Chile

Once you get infected with Obscuratus Solisosus, after the eclipse means before the eclipse. As a carrier of this highly addictive virus, I decided fly

Punching Past Pollution

What’s in the sky over New York? Most of the city’s residents are proud of the fact that you can find almost anything in Gotham,