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Events on the Horizon – February

February dates of upcoming AAA events 05/Tuesday AAA Class, Winter 2019 Class – Astronomy 101, 3rd class: “The Solar System”, Instructor: Irene Pease; Manhattan, 6:30 –

There Was a Blood Moon On The Rise

The recent lunar eclipse of January 20-21st, 2019 was turning out to be a catch 22 situation in New York City. It would either be below freezing, cloudy with no wind, and thus no visible Moon, or windy with passing clouds that open ‘sucker holes,’ i.e., intermittent clear skies with an Arctic blast due to the wind chill—but it would be possible to image the eclipse. Thankfully, and somewhat painfully, it turned out to be the latter.

Space Law

A friend of mine recently asked me if he should be concerned about China’s current attempt to grow biological life, in the form of plant seeds, on the Moon. Here’s my response.

An Out of this World Evening in New York

Peter Tagatac and Board member Stanley Fertig attended a SETI Institute event hosted by the New York Explorers Club. See what they found here!

In the Name of Apollo

The Lunar orbital flight of Apollo 8 was a smashing success! For the first time people began to understand their place in the universe. Command Module pilot of that mission, Jim Lovell said in regards to the moon’s loneliness: “[It] made you realize just what you have here back on Earth.”

Zooming into Deep Space Targets

December, 2018, Will Field and John Bills tried a different approach to shooting objects in the sky. Both used variations of zooming into or out of an image to show details in objects and also relative distances from each other or to get a sense of where things are in the sky. Then they combined those images into animation videos. See how they did it!