Tag: March 2019

Events on the Horizon – March

March dates of upcoming AAA events 01/Friday Lectures,”Neutrinos and the High Energy Universe with Ice Cube” presented by Joanna Kiryluk, Stony Brook University; American Museum of

AAA President Message – March

Hello AAA’ers, Can we say goodbye to the brutal cold temperatures and days with blustery winds? Definitely not good for the outdoor astronomer trying to

Binocular Parallelogram Mount

See how the culmination of artistry, craftsmanship, and astronomy resulted in a functional hand made binocular parallelogram mount!

UACNJ site open to AAA members

AAA is a member club of the UACNJ (United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey) and that all AAA members are welcome to their observing site when public programs are held. Find out more here!

Is Venus by Mars?

Find out why we are so obsessed with life on Mars when Venus may be a better choice for life, with Martha Gilmore.