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Conjunctions and Calendric Quagmires

April Fools to you, Black Moon! Oooohhh! Yes, there is a Black New Moon next month and just like a Calendar Blue Full Moon, being

Should We Just Get Used to It?

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Message From AAA’s President

Hello everyone and welcome to the March Edition of Eyepiece. The last few years have certainly been demanding for our species, and while the obstacles

What’s Up in the Sky – March 2022

AAA Observers’ March 2022 Guide March’s Evening Planets: Uranus is in Cetus the Sea monster until around 10 PM.  March’s Evening Stars: The Winter Triangle

Events on the Horizon – March 2022

If you see a “Members Only” event in the list below that you want to attend but can’t, become a member ASAP so you can take advantage

To the End of the World and Back

For a full photo gallery of Matthias Schmitt’s trip, click here. The Setup This Eclipse Cruise was the maiden voyage of the Ocean Victory. There