Tag: May 2022

Message from AAA’s President

Hello Astronomy Community! As May begins, AAA moves that much closer to its 100th anniversary, and I celebrate my 2nd anniversary as president of the organization.

What’s Up in the Sky – May 2022

AAA Observers’ May Guide May’s Evening Planets: Find Mercury in Taurus the Bull in the first week of May until around 9 PM. May’s Evening

Events on the Horizon – May 2022

If you see a “Members Only” event in the list below that you want to attend but can’t, become a member ASAP so you can take advantage

A Nice Double Star Target For May!

Alrakis (alternately Arrakis), Mu Draconis (μ Draconis, abbreviated Mu Dra, μ Dra) – 21 Draco – Hipparchus 83608. Observing in NYC can be a challenge

Member Highlight: Bruce Kamiat

This week, we would like to highlight one of AAA’s long time members, Bruce Kamiat! Name: Bruce Kamiat Hometown: New York, NY How did you