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What’s Up in the Sky – June 2022

AAA Observers’ June Guide June’s Evening Planets: Saturn is in Capricornus the Sea-goat as of midnight and rising earlier every night. Dwarf Pluto will be

What’s Up in the Sky – May 2022

AAA Observers’ May Guide May’s Evening Planets: Find Mercury in Taurus the Bull in the first week of May until around 9 PM. May’s Evening

What’s Up in the Sky – April 2022

AAA Observers’ April Guide April’s Evening Planets: Mercury will be up until around 9PM in the second half of April, moving between Cetus the Sea-Monster

What’s Up in the Sky – March 2022

AAA Observers’ March 2022 Guide March’s Evening Planets: Uranus is in Cetus the Sea monster until around 10 PM.  March’s Evening Stars: The Winter Triangle


What’s Up in the Sky – February 2022

AAA Observers’ February 2022 Guide February’s Evening Planets: Neptune is in Aquarius the Water Bearer, until 9 PM, setting earlier every night until 7 PM

What’s Up in the Sky – January 2022

AAA Observers’ January 2022 Guide January’s Evening Planets: Red Mars will be moving between Scorpius the Scorpion and Sagittarius the Archer as of 5 AM

What’s Up in the Sky – November 2021

AAA Observers’ November Guide November’s Evening Planets: Bright Venus will be in Sagittarius the Archer for one hour after sunset. Saturn and Jupiter will be

What’s Up in the October Sky

October’s Evening Planets: Bright Venus will be moving between Libra the Scales and Sagittarius the Archer for about 2 hours after sunset. Jupiter and Saturn will