Past Classes


Jan. Southern Skies (single class, free)- Lydia Petrosino

Jan. Universal Timekeepers: Atoms as Cosmic Clocks.- David Helfand, Columbia U.

Jan-Feb Introduction to Night Sky Photography- Stan Honda

Feb. 8 Refresher on the Amazing Gaia Satellite. [Pre-talk for Feb. 13 monthly lecture given by Dr. Rosio Kiman, Cal Tech, on Gaia DR3.] (single class, free) – David Kiefer

Feb-March. Cosmology 101- Matthias Schmidt

March-April. Urban Astrophotography: Deep Sky Imaging- Mauri Rosenthal

March-May Basics of Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos- Irene Pease

May-June. Introduction to Astrochemsitry, with free review on E/M waves- Samantha Scibelli


Jan.-Feb.       Astronomy 102 (2023): Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos – Irene Pease

Jan.                 AstroNews Hour 5 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

Feb.                 Valentine Special: Romance in the Stars (single class, constellation stories, free)
Lydia Petrosino

Feb.-March    Urban Astrophotography: Deep Sky Imaging – Mauri Rosenthal

March-April    Radio and Multiwavelength Astronomy (2023), 7 classes- Jim Braatz (NRAO), David Kiefer

March              AstroNews Hour 6 – Special Edition: Coming Eclipses (single class, free) –
David Kiefer, Stan Honda, Kat Trouche

May-June       Stellarium Workshop- Matthias Schmitt, Joel Gonzalez

June                Physics in Astronomy- Ken Katta

June                AstroNews Hour 7 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

July-Aug.       Smorgasbord on Eclipses- Eclipse basics, Saros cycle, myths, details of Oct. 14, 2023, annular and April 8, 2024 total. Planning, photographing, and observing safely.
Kat Trouche, David Kiefer, Lydia Petrosino, Alfredo Viegas, Stan Honda

Sept.              Fermi’s Paradox (single class, free), Daniel Kirby

Sept.              Binary Stars (single class, free)- Bart Fried

Oct.-Sept.     Basics of Astronomy and the Solar System, George Roush

Oct.                AAVSO and variable star research (three classes)- Leaders of the AAVSO

Oct.                AstroNews Hour 8 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

Nov. 28          Introducing the AAA Gateway Remote Telescope program (housed in Texas, operated by members). Demos; presentation of membership tiers. Alfredo Viegas, Stan Honda, Preston Stahly. Free.

Nov.–Dec.     Urban Astrophotography: Planetary Imaging – Mauri Rosenthal

Dec.               AstroNews Hour 9 (single class, free)- Robert Marx


Jan.         Winter Smorgasbord- Amateur Spectroscopy (A. Viegas), Astronomical Constellation Calendar (Lydia M. Petrosino), Sky Tour with Stellarium (J. Gonzalez), Enhancing Astrophoto Presentations with Music (P. Stahly, I. Pease), Astronomy on the Grand Central Terminal Ceiling  (L. Faltz), Tips for Telescopes and Observing (P. Taganac)

Feb.          Astronomy 102: Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos- Alfredo Viegas

Feb.          AstroNews1 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

April          Clocks, Calendars, Coordinates, Orbits- David Kiefer

May.          AstroNews2 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

June         Summer Smorgasbord- RSPEC for Spectra (Tom Fields), Summer Skies (Tony Faddoul), History of Telescope  (Bart Fried),  Zodiac Myths (Lydia M. Petrosino), “One-Zoom”: Evolution’s Tree of Life App (Natila Belfiore),   Facts and Falsehoods on Climate Change (David Helfand)

Aug.          AstroNews Hour 3 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

Aug.          Update on Webb Telescope (single class, free)- Matthias Schmitt

Aug.          Gaia Satellite’s Data Release 3 (single class)- David Kiefer

Sept.         Astronomy 101: Basics of Astronomy and Solar System- Irene Pease

Oct.           AstroNews Hour4 (single class, free)- Robert Marx

Oct.           Urban Astrophotography: Planetary Imaging- Mauri Rosenthal

Nov.          Planetary Science (seven classes)- David Kiefer & Matthias Schmitt


Jan.           Night Sky Photography- Stan Honda

Jan.           Smorgasbord- Voyagers(I. Pease), Sundials (D. Kiefer), Stellarium (M. Schmidt), Light (R. Marx), Black Holes (B. Hernandez),  Cell Phones in Astrophotography)

Jan.           Current Missions- I. Pease

March        Physics in Astronomy- D. Kiefer

April           Astronomy 102: Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos- A. Viegas

April           Cosmology 101- D. Kiefer

June          Advanced Night Sky Photography- S. Honda

June          Summer Smorgasbord- Night Sky Photography Basics(S. Honda), Stellarium (M. Schmidt), Gravity (R. Marx), Past Missions (I. Pease),  Telescope History and Design (B. Fried)

July           Cosmology 102- D. Kiefer

Sept.        Stellarium Workshop- M. Schmidt

Oct.          Urban Astrophotography 101- M. Rosenthal & A. Viegas

Nov.          Introduction to Night Sky Photography- S. Honda

Nov.          Astronomy 101- D. Kiefer

Dec.         Urban Astrophotography 102- M. Rosenthal, P. Bossier


Feb.            Clocks, Calendars, Coordinates, Orbits- David Kiefer

Feb.            Urban Astrophotography- Mauri Rosenthal, Alfredo Viegas

April            Planetary Science- David Kiefer

May            Astronomy 101: The Solar System- Matthias Schmidt

June           Astrometrics- David Kiefer

May            Astronomy 101: The Solar System- Matthias Schmidt

Sept.          Multiwavelength Astronomy – David Kiefer

Sept.          Night Sky Photography- Stan Honda

Nov.            Astronomy Before the Telescope- David Kiefer


Feb.            Physics in Astronomy- David Kiefer

March         Stargazing Skills- Peter Tagatac

April           Night Sky Photography- Stan Honda

April.          Cosmology- David Kiefer

June           Astronomy 101: The Solar System- Irene Pease

Sept.          Recent Breakthroughs in Astronomy- David Kiefer

Oct.            Astronomy 102: Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos- Irene Pease


Feb.            Clocks, Calendars, Coordinates, Orbits- David Kiefer

March         Muti-Wavelength Astronomy and Telescopes- David Kiefer

Sept.          Astromomy 101: The Basics- David Kiefer

Oct.            Stargazing Skills Workshop- Peter Tagatac

Nov.            Measuring Distances in Space- David Kiefer

Nov.             Intro to Night Sky Photography- Stan Honda


Prof. Jason Kendall (Board Member), Jaclyn Avidon (Board Member), Dr. Sneer Honappa, Dr. Denton Ebel,  Marc Horowitz, Andrew Kessler (NASA Phoenix Mars Mission), Micheal O’Gara (AAA President), Richard Rosenberg (AAA President), Dr. Shana Tribiano (Board Member)