Library Telescope Program

The Library Telescope Program is a pilot partnership between the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and the Amateur Astronomers Association. Its primary goal is to bring amateur astronomy closer to the general public, by offering free-to-borrow telescopes through the Brooklyn library system.

Through this initiative, BPL and AAA aim to cultivate a public interest for amateur astronomy, by fostering a love of the universe within various communities. We intend to raise awareness about light pollution throughout the five boroughs, and to teach people how to take better care of the night sky.

How it works: Starting in mid-November 2021, visit the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch with your BPL card. If available, you may check out a telescope for approximately three weeks – similar to checking out a book. Visit their program homepage for more information.

Contact: Reach us at [email protected] for more information regarding this program.