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Looking to see the stars and sky in the New York area? Come join us at a FREE observing event, open to all! Our members set up their telescopes all over the city throughout the year. We provide instruction on how to find objects in the night sky. If you’re thinking of getting binoculars or a telescope yourself, this is a good opportunity to look at and through some equipment and ask questions of experienced users.

Find us at a NYC park near you and join AAA for more observing opportunities like dark sky, solar, eclipses & out of town trips.

Upcoming Events

Observing: Floyd Bennett Field

AAA returns to Floyd Bennett Field to end the 2021 observing season! Join us on December 10, starting at 6:30 PM for views of our

Scientific Controversies No. 22: Exoplanets

Visit Pioneer Works on November 7  as Prof. Janna Levin invites NASA’s Kepler Mission Scientist Prof. Natalie Batalha and comparative exoplanetary scientist Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer

Live Stream: Partial Lunar Eclipse

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association with our partners at TimeandDate.com on the morning of November 19 for a live stream of the partial lunar eclipse,

Diwali 2021

The Amateur Astronomers Association will host the Diwali Festival at our Pier i observing location on Saturday, Nov 6, 2021, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

Observing Locations

Take a look at our observing map to see our traditional observation locations.


New to observing? Thinking about purchasing binoculars or a telescope? Check out our wiki for in-depth guides and how-tos to get started!

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