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AAA President Message – April

Hi AAA’ers, Events and activities are starting up this month now that Spring has arrived. The AAA calendar is updated with many of the public

Events on the Horizon – April

April dates of upcoming AAA events 02/Tuesday AAA Class, “Spring 2019 Stargazing Skills Workshop” 4th class, Instructor: Peter Tagatac; Manhattan, 6:30 – 8:30PM Observing, High

The 100 Earths Project

The 100 Earths Project is, simply put, a search for 100 Earth-like planets in the Sun’s neighborhood.  Despite its straightforward description, this quest is not an easy one, and presents some serious engineering problems to today’s technology. Find out more from this lecture!

 Apollo, Tested and Prepped for The Final Countdown!

Last month we discussed the meaning of the letter designated missions of the Apollo Program that had followed the Apollo 1 mission. Now we find out some interesting facts on some names you may not have known about.

Legal Justice and Politics in Space

What might laws and politics look like once we leave earth, how might rights to resources be handled? Here are some great ideas from one of our authors- Richard Brounstein!